Earth-Asteroid Collision Formed Moon Later Than Thought

December 25, 2007

After showing this video to sceptical friends who think Planet X or Nibiru is a complete myth, I was glad to see that The National Geographic was running the story below. This only goes to show that the information is out there if only we  would look with our own eyes instead of relying on those with their own personal agendas to tell us where we are from.

Please Read the National Geographic Story Below and Compare Notes

The moon was formed from fragments of Earth after a collision with a giant asteroid relatively late in our planet’s formation, new tests of moon rocks show.

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10 May 2008: Pangea Day – Films Made By the World, For the World

October 18, 2007

Pangea is seeking films “that provoke, entertain and inspire.. Images are powerful to divide, but also to unite”

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Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace. One.

3 Ton “Siberian Mega-Bomb” Meteor Stolen in June, Reported Missing Today

August 11, 2007

Tunguska Blast

The last remnant of the mysterious 1908 Siberian explosion that leveled 800 square miles with 1000 times the power of the Hiroshima atomic explosion was stolen in June. Officials were just informed today.

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Now what would anyone want with a 3 Ton Meteor and was it genuine? Most of the stories claim nothing was ever found. However on researching this story I have come across some interesting bits which may prove relevant. The Tunguska Blast had the magnitude of an H bomb but left no crater, and no radiation, instead the is now lush vegetation (please note this is Siberia). There are those who say it had something to do with Nikola Teslas experiments and those who suggest it was an UFO crash landing. I think it could be a combination of these. I m interested to know what other theories there are. One.

A general strike has been proposed for 9/11/07. No work, school or shopping

August 11, 2007

strike911 flyer c

strike911 flyer astrike911 flyer b

The General Strike is a national call to action, from citizens to other citizens. It is not about a single issue. It is not an anti-war protest, a civil rights protest, an election fraud protest. It is not about torture, surveillance, corporate media, the 9/11 coverup, or the environment. This strike is about all these issues and more.

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A collective spark seems to have gone off. Roll on The Age of Rebelion! One

UFO Haiti on August 6th 2007

August 10, 2007

If this is hoax it is probably one of the best I have seen. Does anyone know if someone has claimed credit for this yet?