The Century of the Self Part 1

The best documentary ever!! A masterpiece from BBC4 that shows the reality of the psychology of modern man!! To get a good idea of how and why we are consuming at an uncontrolable rate and plundering the planet we must first see how that frame of mind came about. As we know all creatures on the planet seem to find some sort of equilibrium however humans have far surpassed virus and are looking to literally tear holes in the world just to satisfy greed.

This is surely not natural, and after watching this very informative documentary it becomes very apparent that this was actually something someone came up with and put into action. Please do not lose focus and think as this happened in the 1920’s it is no longer relevant now. This was done to our great grandparents, who taught our grandparents, who taught our parents who taught us hence our current hyper real over indulgent and wasteful consumer actions and lifestyles. One

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2 Responses to The Century of the Self Part 1

  1. Drew says:

    your a tard it was the1929 Stock Market Crash. History is deemed to repeat its self, as it has been shown seance the beginning of man into the 2000’s and it might never stop… but it should be. Tell ya what clean out your ears start the movie over and pay attention. It just shows how we managed to let stupid greedy people continuously control the nation we have run for years. Regardless of who you are, as long as you haven’t killed someone. YOU deserve to live free your ancestors fought hard and have payed enough to these “PEOPLE.”

  2. lacoste minneapolis says:

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