The Bush Administration Plans to Blame You for Iraq

George Bush Jnr

After holding so few high-level government and military officials accountable for failures in Iraq, Bush needs a scapegoat.

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In all honesty we are already to blame for the fact that the War took place as it was our hard earned taxes and pounds and dollars in banks which financed the whole sordid affair. First we must take a stand against that and secondly if we are to blame for failures in Iraq does that mean we are all to be classified as terrorist? One.

2 Responses to The Bush Administration Plans to Blame You for Iraq

  1. baboeska says:

    The potential for a new form of weaponry to truly destroy all of our freedoms exist.
    Whether or not you personally believe in this technology, you must agree that any use or discovery of applicable versions of this at any future point would be abhorrent to the values of the New Zealand/Aotearoan people, and people world wide, and should be declared illegal world wide.

    It is as abhorrent to destroy a mind as to destroy a human.

    The largest disinformation project of modern times has been the reach for mind control weaponry.
    The casualties left in psychiatric wards across the developed world are probably higher than the total number of American’s dead in all wars since the start of this century.
    Both America and Russia use these techniques, while they have been made illegal in France and Italy.

    To join, search for “Make Mind Control Illegal” on Facebook.

    Here is a set of links from the academic, military and media worlds in order to update your knowledge.
    Closely examines the work of Doctor Jose Delgado, originally published in Scientific America.
    For more information about Dr Delgado, check any University Library in New Zealand, or more specifically, the University of Otago, Dunedin.
    Wikipedia entry on American research, covers exporting of dangerous experiments to foreign countries as “Medical Aid,” and the policy of no consent and no information, also briefly states there was a 1978 Congressional Inquiry into the program.
    Bill Clinton’s apology for unethical research on the American people.
    Doctor Ewen Cameron’s biography.
    Why did Iraqi troops surrender to America during gulf war one? This seems to me to be a viable explanation. May not be purely factual.
    Department of Homeland Security buying Russian mind control technology. Is this technology trojan’d?
    The video’s by this guy are fascinating, and well worth watching, however whoever made them definitely does not reference their research enough. Also, you never know with any kind of media what you are really getting exposed to.
    Identical trends to what has happened here in NZ re suicide, why are the numbers for ex-US Soldiers identical to average males in the military age group in New Zealand?
    Italy passes law against Mind Control.
    (France has also passed better laws against mind control)
    Remote controlled heart-attacks.
    Nervous system hacking.
    Voice to skull technology?

  2. kwamsta says:

    Dude thank you very much for your info. I will review it shortly and post some thoughts in the mean time if you have some time I would recommend watching The Ring of Power Documentary on Google video the links are posted below:
    Part 1
    Part 2

    Lots of indepth info about who is doing the mind control, why and how. More importantly ways to stop it.


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