The Outsized Power of Young People to Change The World


Individuals can change the world, and for us to change the course that society is on it will be individuals that will have to lead the changes. It
’s only individual people who have the ability to change the world when it comes to environmental issues. And young people have a dramatically out-sized ability to change the world…

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“I do not speak to the weak: they want to obey and generally lapse into slavery quickly. In the face of merciless nature, let us still feel ourselves as merciless nature! But I have found strength where one does not look for it: in simple, mild, and pleasant people, without the least desire to rule—and, conversely, the desire to rule has often appeared to me a sign of inward weakness: they fear their own slave soul and shroud it in a royal cloak (in the end, they still become the slaves of their followers, their fame, etc.) The powerful natures dominate, it is a necessity, they need not lift one finger. Even if, during their lifetime, they bury themselves in a garden house!”

Friedrich Nietzsche, Nachlass

 A quote from Nietzsche I found rather topical, it seem there is growing weakness fuelled by a diet of physical appearance and fear of the natural which has enslaved the minds of many. If we were all to find our inner strength and peace we would discover the truer meaning behind Nietzsche concept of the will to power. Self empowerment rather than authoritative empowerment because those using these methods are but hiding their own fear of weakness. One



One Response to The Outsized Power of Young People to Change The World

  1. Darmok says:

    Part of me worries that we will ultimately not be successful. And yet I am an optimist, and so I will continue to try to effect positive changes for the environment, and try to convince others to do so as well….and hope that enough people will do the same…

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