Black Doll/White Doll

Which doll do you like? The question was posed to a selection of black primary school children by investigators and the results were staggering. 80% of the children said they liked the white doll because black was bad and white was good. This test was initially performed by Dr Kenneth Clark and his wife in 1939 and after a lot of media emphasis on multicuturalism and globalisation, it’s pretty clear that mind control is still alive and kicking and black children by the age of 4 or 5 already have been stripped of their personal sense of beauty and think they are bad people because of their skin colour.

Various things have played a part in this including slavery and religion, however there still seem to be a systematic removal of any African contributions to the development of the world to date, i.e Napolean has his soldiers use canons to blow the negro noses of the egyptian statues, according to British politician Lee Jasper 97% of young black teenagers did not get into trouble the Law however the pages of the newspapers have been saturated with the pictures of the 3% that did get into trouble. Most European schools will teach history beginning with the Greeks even though Ancient Egypt preceeded them in mathematics, astronomy, medicine, construction etc. Black children suffer from a distinct lack of positive public role models and that in itself is part of the systematic removal. One.

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