3 Ton “Siberian Mega-Bomb” Meteor Stolen in June, Reported Missing Today

Tunguska Blast

The last remnant of the mysterious 1908 Siberian explosion that leveled 800 square miles with 1000 times the power of the Hiroshima atomic explosion was stolen in June. Officials were just informed today.

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Now what would anyone want with a 3 Ton Meteor and was it genuine? Most of the stories claim nothing was ever found. However on researching this story I have come across some interesting bits which may prove relevant. The Tunguska Blast had the magnitude of an H bomb but left no crater, and no radiation, instead the is now lush vegetation (please note this is Siberia). There are those who say it had something to do with Nikola Teslas experiments and those who suggest it was an UFO crash landing. I think it could be a combination of these. I m interested to know what other theories there are. One.

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